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NOW AVAILABLE!! Polish Merino Roving from KROMSKI!!

Acid Dyes produce the most vibrant colors possible on protein fibers and nylon. These concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes are the best dyes available for silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, feathers, and nylon. Extremely brilliant and colorfast, these dyes are very easy to use and produce a uniform dye job. A half ounce bottle will color up to two pounds of fiber depending on the depth of shade.
(Don't be alarmed by the name, the only acid involved is vinegar)  
40 colors - .5 ounce jars $4.69ea.  email for color chart
BUY 10 and SAVE!  10 for $40.00!
BEST DEAL!! All 40 colors (1 of each) $150.00


RAW FLEECES AVAILABLE!! BFL, Wensleydale, Shetland sheared Fall 2015 - sheep on pasture, little VM. Wonderful for handspinning, locks for Santa beards,  doll hair, or felting! Leave natural or dye.
email for available fleece, quantities and colors. Alpaca/Romney/Angora Blend Roving $68/lb. available in cream.