FUNKY SPUN - Natural Handspun Yarns and Apparel
A"green"choice in clothing! 
 ECO-friendly, 100% natural clothing!
NEW!! "HERD HATS" Great for the rancher or shepherdess or the gal who dreams of owning her own flock one day! Sheepish hats! Handspun raw wool - naturally dyed from walnut, coreopsis, lichen!
$65-$85 (special order now)

VARIETY OF HANDSPUN HATS  - Handspun from All Natural Fiber (your choice of wool, alpaca, mohair, silk, angora or bamboo) and Handknit  - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY (email for color choices and styles). Natural color or dyed in your choice of earth-friendly dye.
Prices $35 - $65